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Parent Forum

Parent Forum

As a school, we are in our strongest position ever and we strive to continually improve and develop. Parental relationships are vital to us and are at the forefront of our developments. We currently engage well with our parents and use the Parent Forum to discuss key changes or ideas. We are always encouraging of parents to join this group to share views and listen to any any new changes. The Parent Forum provides you with the opportunity to come into school and meet with other parents and school staff to have your say and share your suggestions and for school staff to listen to your views.  Everyone is welcome because together, we are stronger.

Things we have discussed in 2022-23


  • Emotional Self Regulation and Self Control

    In every class and area of school, we have a feelings ladder which can help children understand feelings can get bigger/ smaller throughout the day. The ladder is a scale for everyone in school to use: green is calm, happy and regulated up to red when we may need help to regulate feelings and emotions.The ladder is referred to daily and children are encouraged to talk about how they are feeling using the coloured scale. Everyone's scale is different but we teach and use common strategies across school to show how children can change their feelings and be able to self regulate.


    Behaviour for learning - information for parents 

    At Monkhouse we use a restorative approach to behaviour for learning . This enables school students affected by  behavioural incidents, to communicate and agree on how the harm caused by their actions or done to them is to be repaired. It focuses on the act and its impact and not the child. As a result we use a think card system.

    No child is ever given a Think Card without having had prior warnings to modify their behaviour……unless it’s a Big Think Card.

    • What happened ?                                                                                                             
    • What were you thinking ?
    • What do you think about it now ?
    • What needs to happen to put this right ?
    • How could you make sure this does not happen again ? 
  • Catering

         We moved across to Caterlink in April 2022 as a new school meals provider and the company           offered some tasting sessions and sessions for the children in school.

  • Academisation and becoming part of a MAT -  the consultation opened in March 2023 and parents can read the information and add their views using the link Link