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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6! smiley

Curriculum Overview

Autumn Term


In Autumn term, our project is ‘What is the future of our area?


We learn about the history of shipbuilding in the area and how it transformed and shaped our lives - both the importance and decline of the shipyards. 

We think carefully about why people live where they do and what makes civilisations grow and fall. Learning about the Ancient Sumerians allow us to contrast why people live where they do over time. 

Our end outcome is to write and produce a documentary on the significance of shipbuilding and how it affected our area. 



Our Immersive Classroom in Autumn

Spring Term


Spring term allows us to test our entrepreneurial skills! Our project is: You're Hired! How do entrepreneurs change the future.


Here we will look at famous entrepreneurs and how they have impacted the world of trade. We will consider how we can have an impact and come up with inventions to hopefully save the planet! 


We will start our own mock companies to design and create models of our inventions; we will be in charge of our of marketing strategies to spread the word about our inventions.


In our project, year 6 have been learning about entrepreneurs and how we can impact our area. We came across a competition named ‘Generation Earthshot’ that we wanted to enter. This was launched by Prince William and is designed to see how people can make changes and invent things to change and improve the world.


Our class decided to design machines that would help to clean up plastic from our oceans. We set up our own mock companies with prototypes of the machines we would build. We went to Tynemouth beach to show the public our ideas and our vision for the future employment in our area. 


While there, we took part in a clean up and picked later from the streets and beach. We had a wonderful morning meeting people and talking to them about our learning. All the staff at school are proud of year 6 for how they represented our school and how much they cared for our local area. 



Y6 Beach Clean March 2023

Summer Term


In Summer term we become the ultimate survivors!


Our project is ‘Do we have what it takes to survive?


In this project we learned about survival skills and how civilizations have risen and fallen - it is all about survival of the fittest! 


We tested ourselves against challenges to help us answer the question of who will survive and which civilisation was the ultimate survivor. 

This project is the culmination of all our learning in our school - with some surprises along the way!