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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2! smiley

Curriculum Overview

Autumn Term


In the Autumn term, our project allows us to explore ‘What is home?’ and consider what home means to us. Here we explore how homes have changed overtime and the reasons for this, specifically considering the impact of the type of work in the 1950s compared to now and the impact of increased transportation and technology on this. We explore our local area and compare what is unique about our locality compared to other towns, villages and cities across the UK so we can begin to explore why people live where they do.


Our end outcome allows us to develop our Digital Literacy skills to create a short movie to showcase what home is and how communities can be developed around our homes.




Our Immersive Classroom in Autumn

Spring Term


How do inventions change our world?


In this project we will look at a poignant change in how people and goods were transported in the UK by exploring the invention of the railway and specially, a focus on the Life of George Stephenson, who invented the first passenger railway not far from us back in 1825. We will consider the impact this had on the Uk and then the wider world, exploring the development of the first railroad in America and the opportunities this brought for many people. In order to develop our understanding of how this has changed the world we live in, we will consider how the invention of the railway changed jobs, trade and lifestyles overtime, and begin to look at other inventions that have impacted on the world around us. 


Our project outcome will be a celebration of George Stephenson’s life and a showcase of the impact he had on the world at the time and beyond. 


Our Spring project was one we really loved! Please find some photos and videos to showcase our learning here...

Summer Term


What can we learn from the past?


In this project we will look at a significant event in history and explore what we have learned since that event, what changed and why. We will focus on The Great Fire of London from an earlier period of history, which takes children beyond events within living memory. We will investigate how the fire started, why it spread, the devastation it left and most importantly, what was learned and what changed when London was rebuilt after the fire. This focus will allow us to investigate materials in science to explore their properties and why different materials are suitable for a specific purpose.


Our final project outcome will be an animation of the spread of The Great Fire and the impact the fire had.