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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3! smiley

Curriculum Overview

Autumn Term

In Autumn term, our project is ‘How can we overcome challenges?’


We learn about the history of prehistoric Britain and how life changed through the different ages as well as the different challenges they faced. We consider the legacy of the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age and learn about where they settled and why. 


We then look at earthquakes and volcanoes thinking about the different challenges these pose and linking it to why people settle where they do. 


Our end outcome is to produce a digital survival guide all about earthquakes and volcanoes incorporating different elements of animation. 


Spring Term


Our Spring term project is ‘What makes a great leader?’


We will explore Roman Britain looking at the different leaders and how the Roman Empire grew. Then we will look at the legacy of the Romans and think about what they did for Britain. We will cover different leaders during Roman Britain and discuss whether they were successful in their role. 


Our end outcome for this project is to lead Commando Joe's mission to demonstrate the skills and values that leaders during the Roman times had. 



Summer Term


Are our lives sustainable?


Our Summer project focuses on being sustainable firstly looking at what that means. Then we look at ways to be more sustainable such as growing your own food and we plant seeds to create a vegetable patch. We finish by looking at why being sustainable is important. 


Alongside this we will study the local history of the Priory and delve into its past thinking about why it was sustained over time. 


Our end outcome is to create a market stall to showcase what we have grown and made across the term to help us show how we can be more sustainable.