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Year 1

Welcome to year 1! smiley

Curriculum Overview

Autumn Term


Is it always lovely at the coast?


In this project we look at our coastline and the human and physical features of this. We take a step back in time when we discover what our coastlines used to look like in the past and what attracted so many tourists to them. We embark on a visit to the Cullercoats Lifeboat Station and look at the importance of the RNLI. This links us back to the history of Grace Darling and how her legacy lead us to the launch of the RNLI. The children will be immersed in a beach theme classroom filled with summer essentials. A the project progresses the children can get into our boat and act out the story of Grace Darling during the night when she saved 9 survivors.


Our end outcome is to create an online safety guide to advise people on how to stay safe at the beach.




Our Immersive Classroom in Autumn

Spring Term


What is it like to be royal?


To launch our Royal project we start with creating our own family tree and discussing who is in our family. Once we have discussed who is in our family we can start discussing who is in the royal family and what their roles are. The children will use maps to discover the countries that make up the United Kingdom and their capital cities. As the children become more familiar with the royal family we will begin to discuss how they travel and what vehicles they use. This will support us in creating our own moving vehicle in DT.


To bring our project to an end the children take part in decorating their own cupcakes to enjoy a royal afternoon tea in their best party clothes.



Summer Term


How can we take care of animals?


To launch our animals project we start with a visit from animal antics where we get to see and hold a variety of animals. This allows for the children to ask questions and get to know facts about various animals. This then leads us into looking at animals and the groups they fall into such as fish, birds, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles. Once the children have discovered and grouped various animals they can begin to think about the features of animals such as their wings, beaks, claws, eyes etc. Children will be able to discuss and sort animals we keep as pets and animals that stay in the wild.


The children will then complete their project by creating a digital guide on how to take care of an animal.