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Shared Learning

At Monkhouse, home learning is shared with families and we put a great emphasis on this. Our shared learning focuses on cementing what children have been learning in school but also has an element of self led learning. 

We use Google Classroom to digitally send and receive any work completed at home. This is to allow flexibility of how shared learning is completed. We encourage videos and photos or practical activities or work to be completed in exciting or different ways on children’s own devices. Shared learning can be submitted in any way you choose!

Alongside the standard shared learning requirements (detailed below) we add one Flipped Learning task per week. This task varies, but is always focussed on an element of learning that is coming up and allows children to come to the lesson with some prior knowledge or curiosity. For example we may provide a link to a website with some information or a video to watch, an information leaflet or revisit an area that children have previously learned that will be used in the forthcoming week. Our flipped learning is often in interesting areas of our curriculum and encourages creativity or analysis.

Each week our shared learning expectations are:

  • Home reading (4-5 times per week)
  • Spellings
  • Maths arithmetic task
  • Flipped learning exercis
  • We also subscribe to Doodle Maths and Doodle English and encourage children to complete this at home to keep their streaks!

Children who are taking part in our Read Write Inc program will receive additional reading and may receive links to videos of sounds to practise at home. 

In the EYFS shared learning is set via Tapestry - an online learning journey. 

The shared learning set in EYFS is an important extension of the classroom learning. It helps to cement the ideas learnt at school and helps to deepen and further expand the children’s knowledge. Photos, videos and observations from both school and home can be shared via tapestry, helping to build a shared understanding of the children’s learning and development and how we can jointly help the child to teach their full potential. 

Promotion of shared learning in the EYFS also encourages positive foundations of home learning habits that can be built upon as they progress through their school years. 


See below some examples of shared learning being completed.


Through shared learning we hope to inspire children to become accountable for their own learning, develop good work habits and encourage parents to become active participants in their child’s learning.


Shared Learning: Together we can