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Religion and Worldviews


Religion and Worldviews


What makes our subject special: Respect and beliefs

At Monkhouse, we have devised a unique approach to religious education to allow the children’s understanding of religion to deepen as they progress through primary school, enabling them to become respectful and compassionate members of society. Through trips, talks from visitors and exploration of religious resources, we introduce children to the tenets of the major religions. Through the study of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism, we support children’s religious understanding with the aim of helping them to become a positive influence within our community. Whilst developing their knowledge of religion, children also look at and discuss different worldviews so that they can understand the wide range of views that exist within our world. We also regularly celebrate different religious festivals in class such as Holi, Eid and Passover.

How we teach EYFS/KS1/KS2

Children are engaged in religious education from EYFS to the end of their primary education in Year 6. We provide a broad, balanced and progressive R.W. curriculum which is integrated into other areas of the curriculum where appropriate. We aim to ignite a passion for learning and exploring religious education. Our vision for R.W. revolves around ‘respecting beliefs’ as we strive towards inspiring children to see the world as a global community and provide them with the skills and confidence to innovate their knowledge of R.W to make meaning within their learning.

What we teach EYFS/KS1/KS2

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, educators prepare children for the primary R.W. curriculum through developing the children’s understanding of what is important to both themselves and others. For example, during Diwali, children in Reception embrace this religious holiday through storytelling, art and drama.  After entry into KS1, children continue their education by exploring the general beliefs of a variety of religions. They then deepen this understanding further through the study of other religious festivals and practises. Once the children enter KS2, their knowledge and understanding is developed through the study of places of worship and important figures in addition to creation and other religious stories. Children also learn from their peers through class assemblies where different year groups present to each other about key religious events, such as the Hindu festival, Holi. Throughout the children's religious education, links and comparisons are consistently made to worldviews and how others, who do not conform to certain religions, may view and interpret different aspects of our lives and world. 




At Monkhouse, we recognise and appreciate how diverse and multi-faceted our world is. With this in mind, we hope and strive to help shape our children into becoming compassionate, empathetic individuals who understand the role they can play in making the world a better place in which to live.  Through visits out and visitors into school, we hope to support children in their appreciation of the part religion and different worldviews play in society, developing ways to get the children to see the world beyond their own religion or culture.

Other relevant information

Over the course of their time at Monkhouse, the children’s links to our local and global community are strengthened through visitors talking and sharing important, interesting elements of their religion with them. These links are further supported through Christmas productions and visits to local places of worship. Opportunities are also sought to enable the children to work collaboratively on R.W. projects both in school and with our wider collaborative group of schools.