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Curriculum Overview

Autumn Term


What’s It Like In A Town Or A Forest?


Nursery enjoy a range of stories with a forest or town setting, including Goldilocks, Little Lumpty and Little Rabbit Foo Foo.  Along the way, we learn to identify and name features of towns and forests. We also talk a lot about how characters in stories might feel at different times and learn to understand and name some of our own emotions.


Most important of all, during our first term in school, we make new friends and develop our independence and confidence.


The end outcome for this term is our Christmas show.




Spring Term


How Can We Cross a River?


Through the stories of The Three Billy Goats and The Gingerbread Man, we explore floating and sinking, what happens to materials when they get wet and building bridges and boats.

Our end outcome is a workshop with parents, inviting them to help us build something to help our characters cross a river.


In the second half of term, we move on to

How Can We Make Something Grow?

We plant flower and vegetable seeds, ready for planting out in Summer Term. We also set up a tadpole tank, and learn about the life-cycle of a frog.

With a bit of luck and lots of care, our end outcome will be healthy seedlings and frogs!



Summer Term


What Lives in Our Garden?


With a bit of help from the giant at the top of the beanstalk, we continue to explore living things. Our plants continue to need nurturing, and we learn more about the minibeasts that live in our garden.  As well as the story of Norman The Slug With The Silly Shell, we enjoy a range of information books about slugs, worms and spiders.


In the second half of term we begin a new project: Where In The World Do We Live?

We learn more about the special place that we live, and compare it to other places in the world.


The end outcome for the term is our Garden Party.