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House Points

House Points - How we reward achievement.


At Monkhouse, we place a high importance on children being ready for learning and know their behaviour and effort are essential ingredients in supporting them  to achieve success.  We understand that rewarding children for achievements , conduct and effort  is a crucial part of enabling our children to learn. 

We use a house point system to reward children . We have 4 houses within Monkhouse , each named after a local landmark : Dome, Collingwood, St Mary’s and Priory. Children are allocated houses when they start in reception and remain in this house throughout their time at Monkhouse . Siblings are always in the same house . Children are able to earn an unlimited amount of points  from any adult in the school. The children are given a “House Token” and this is put into a colour coded box in their classroom . The points are counted weekly and added to the accumulative points for the whole school . The top houses are  announced in our celebration assemblies and often get an extra play time for the weekly winning house. Every term the house with the most points  receives a treat/ prize. The treat is when every child from  all year groups within that house come together to celebrate their achievement - past treats have included movie afternoons with hot chocolate. Scavenger hunts and an extra afternoon of games on the field

In addition to using  house points to motivate and reward children we use the house system for House assemblies , sports day and other activities within school. This gives an additional sense of belonging and competitiveness . Each house has a Head of House member of staff.


Children feel valued through being rewarded. This does not  have to be for  academic achievement or effort but for trying to be the absolute best they can be in  attitude and citizenship  - it is proven that positive conditioning in childhood develops sustained positive behaviour in adulthood.


Every week, the winning house get a 5 minute extra break and each term the winning house are rewarded with a special treat.

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