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It is our collective and individual responsibility… to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live in’ - Dalai Lama 


At Monkhouse Primary School, we encourage all children to be active members of the wider global society. We provide our children with opportunities to learn about the world they live in and see the impact of humans actions on the world in both a positive and negative way. Through our curriculum design and projects, we hope to encourage the children to strive for change to make our school more sustainable and environmentally friendly, which in turn will help to make the world a better place.

To do this we use the Eco-Schools programme which is pupil-led, encouraging hands-on learning that brings the whole school and the wider community together on exciting environmental projects. The aim is to raise awareness and improve the school environment. In summer 2020 we achieved the Green Flag award and have been successful in maintaining Eco School status for a number of years, which recognises the difference we have made to the environment. The Green Flag award is reviewed every two years allowing us to continue to work towards new Eco goals and complete more exciting projects like those we have already accomplished:

  • Creating a garden area with planters to grow vegetables which can be used in our after school cooking club and DT lessons
  • Water Aid Day 
  • Change the way you come to school day 
  • Outdoor Classroom Day 
  • Planting of trees from the Woodland Trust 
  • Composters in EYFS
  • Garden Area on field 
  • Bike Sustainability
  • Adventurous Play
  • Trashion show
  • No messing campaign 

How it works:

The Eco Schools programme empowers children to drive change and improve their environmental awareness through a Seven Step Framework. Each year, children in Years 1 - 6 are given the opportunity to become members of the Eco Warriors. Two members from each class are chosen by the Eco Lead to join the team. They conduct an environmental review of the school looking at Eco areas such as; Biodiversity, Energy, Healthy Living and many more. They then form an action plan of areas that can be improved and ways to create change. The Eco Team then meets roughly every 2-3 weeks to work on the topics chosen as well as; holding assemblies to inform the school on environmental issues or actions they are taking, creating posters to display around school or making changes to how the school operates to be more eco friendly.


We will be welcoming new members to the Eco-Team and our first job will be to choose 5 areas to focus on and plan future projects, which we hope to update you all on soon.

Our Eco Warriors:

Eco Lead - Miss Atkinson

Year 1 - Daniel & Brooke

Year 2 - Adam & Rebecca

Year 3 - Josh, Oliver, Sienna & Roxy

Year 4 - Henry & Faye

Year 5 - Whole Class Project + nominated warriors: Jasmine Ruddick

Year 6 - Cruz & Harley


The current 5 areas of focus which the Eco Team are working on are:



To find out more about The Eco-School programme and the organisation behind it (Keep Britain Tidy) please visit: