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Remote Learning

As we reflect from the pandemic, it has been widely recognised that school life has been astonishing. The COVID-19 outbreak forced school staff from across the world, in a matter of days, to come up with plans to keep children learning whilst their schools faced a number of large challenges. In response to this, we drew up plans to facilitate the best possible provision for our pupils in their respective settings.


Circumstances had been challenging, emotive and provoked much ‘outside the box’ thinking. Nevertheless, educators joined forces, shared ideas, resources and concepts and as a result, school children within Monkhouse and across the world had been given opportunities to continue to learn, despite these extraordinary circumstances.


Many educators were quick to adopt and support new teaching and learning methods and resources to support the transition into remote learning and ensure that there was equitable access for all.

Remote Learning Policy



During this period of long term closure, staff at Monkhouse Primary School will continue to

provide education and support to our children using remote learning. All learning will be

conducted using Google Classroom for KS1 & 2 and Tapestry and Google drive in EYFS. This will allow staff to keep in daily contact in a professional and confidential manner with their class. Teachers will be able to schedule learning in a manner that does not overwhelm our children. Teaching and learning can be tailored, changed and updated as time progresses, allowing for replication of classroom activity to the best of our ability. In all communications, we will prioritise the wellbeing of our children.


Flexibility of Learning

We realise that the circumstances that cause our school to close will affect families in a

number of ways. In our planning and expectations, we are aware of the need for flexibility

from all sides:-

  • parents may be trying to work from home so access to technology as a family may be


  • Parents may have two or more children trying to access technology and need to

prioritise this;

  • teachers may be trying to manage their home situation and the learning of their own


  • systems may not always function as they should.

  • An understanding of, and willingness to adapt to, these difficulties on all sides is essential for success.


Expectation Management

We believe that it is in the best interests of our children that we continue to provide structured

support to the best of our ability. Bearing in mind the need for flexibility, no deadlines will be

Set however uploading work significantly later may impact on marking. It must be noted that the work children engage in during a period of closure will be part of our current planning and so cannot be considered as optional. Children and parents should consider the arrangements as set out in this document as highly recommended.


Teaching Staff will:-

  • Share teaching and activities with their class through the drive/some printed work relating to phonics & Google Classroom 

  • Continue teaching in line with current, extensive planning that is already in place throughout the school;

  • Accept the fact that learning remotely will be more difficult, so tasks will be set in smaller steps to allow for this;

  • Keep in contact with children through Tapestry & Google Classroom only;

  • Reply to messages, set work and give feedback on activities during the normal teaching hours 8.30 am - 4pm;

  • Allow flexibility in the completion of activities, understanding that the circumstances leading to our closure will affect families in a number of ways;

  • Take regular breaks away from the computer or iPad to engage in other professional duties as much as circumstances allow e.g. Policy Development;

  • If unwell themselves, be covered by another staff member for the sharing of activities but this may be in a different format for the short period of time the staff member is unable to work.

  • Follow up of messages during this time will not be undertaken until the teacher is fit to work.

  • Follow the Google Meet/Zoom protocol and staff code of conduct.


Children will:-

  • Be assured that wellbeing is at the forefront of our thoughts and the need for children to take regular breaks, get fresh air, exercise and maintain a reasonable balance between online engagement and offline activities;

  • Potentially work a day behind what has been shared through the Google drive/google classroom and

  • Only send messages and queries that are in relation to tasks set by the teacher or in response to questions the teacher may ask them directly;

  • Only access the material shared by their teacher and ask for parental permission to use technology for anything beyond that;

  • Read daily, either independently or with an adult;

  • Consider using the school closure time to learn a new skill, follow their own interests to discover more about the world around us or just be creative.

  • Follow the Google Meet/Zoom Protocol


Parents will:-

  • Support their child’s learning to the best of their ability and circumstances;

  • Encourage their child to access and engage with Tapestry & Google classroom tasks from their teacher;

  • Refrain from screenshotting or copying any information, messages or posts to share on social media or any other platform outside of the Tapestry Google Classroom 

  • Know they can continue to contact their class teacher as normal through the email, Tapestry & Google Classroom if they require support of any kind;

  • Check their child’s completed work each day and encourage the progress that is being made;

  • Be mindful of mental well-being of both themselves and their child and encourage

their child to take regular breaks, play games, get fresh air and relax;

Follow the Google Meet/Zoom Protocol


N.B. In compliance with Copyright Law and regulations governing the use of photocopiable

materials parents must note that resources are for viewing online only on our secure class teams.

They must not be printed, photocopied or distributed. The school will not take responsibility for any

breach of Copyright Law.


Additional Notes

Access to Remote Systems are cloud based and accessible 24 hours a day

All school systems for remote learning (Lexia, Dynamo Maths, Doodlemaths and Accelerated Reader) are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week