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Remote Learning

As we reflect across the last year and a half, it has been widely recognised that school life has been astonishing. The COVID-19 outbreak forced teachers from across the world, in a matter of days, to come up with plans to keep children learning whilst their schools faced a number of large challenges. In response to this, we drew up radical plans to facilitate the best possible provision for our pupils in their respective settings.


Circumstances had been challenging, emotive and provoked much ‘outside the box’ thinking. Nevertheless, educators joined forces, shared ideas, resources and concepts and as a result, school children within Monkhouse and across the world had been given opportunities to continue to learn, despite these extraordinary circumstances.


Many educators were quick to adopt and support new teaching and learning methods and resources to support the transition into remote learning and ensure that there was equitable access for all. In order to continue with remote learning support, links have been provided for this opportunity to stay in place and used as and where appropriate.