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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 smiley

Curriculum Overview

Autumn Term


We take a step back into the 1700s and move through the 18th and into the 19th century as we look at life and developments during the Industrial Revolution in Britain and think about our project title, ‘Are revolutions a good thing?’.


We begin by learning about what it is that led to this revolution and how, through the developments of the steam engine, Britain transitioned from human power to machine power. 


Geographically, we consider the impact that this had on the land through analysing maps and go on to develop an understanding as to why it was that there were only certain pockets of the country that saw this change.


Following a case study into Richard Arkwright and the Cromford Mill, we move on to weigh up the advantages and the disadvantages faced during this time - taking into account health, discrimination and the impact of the British Empire.


Our end outcome is to deliver talks around the journey of the industrial revolution and take you on the same journey that we have been on during this term.




Our Immersive Classroom in Autumn

Spring Term


In Spring Term we look forward to an eco future. Our project is ‘How can small steps change the world?’


Through this journey, we carry out a local history study on the impact of the coal mining industry within the North East, comparing local collieries and their successes and size based on the geographical makeup of the land. 


This then leads us into learning about the impact of the closures and considering the environmental effects that this industry has had on the world through climate studies.


In response, we move on to thinking about how we might change the world through small steps in order to make a big change through the changes to our daily lives and the way we source energy.


Our end outcome sees us create a digital response to this, where we present the awareness that our current actions are having on our planet.


Summer Term


We set off for Ancient Greece and learn about the rise and fall of this once great civilisation during the Summer Term and answer the question, ‘What is our final frontier?’.


After learning about life as an Ancient Greek and how the climate impacted farming we move onto notable figures: Aristotle, Plato and Socrates and understand the philosophical world in which they lived. 


Through this study and the Ancient Greek’s outlook on space and the world beyond our own we focus heavily on our Science unit, Earth and Space and tie in links with current exploration.  


Our end outcome sees Year 5 compose a fiction narrative based on the search for a final frontier and consider whether we are either already at the final frontier or this is still year to be discovered - will we ever?