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Sporting Events

Welcome to the sporting events page. On this page you will find our amazing school teams and find out what competitions and events are available for the children to participate in.

At Monkhouse Primary School we thrive in giving all of our children excellent sporting opportunities by entering our school teams into many sporting events. Throughout the school year we participate in different sporting competitions for all ages. This year we have participated in:


  • Dance Festival 
  • Multiskills festival 
  • Skipping competition 
  • Basketball tournament 
  • Trail and challenge 
  • Athletics competition 
  • Mastalgio Football league Yr 5&6
  • Girls Football tournament  
  • School team football tournament 
  • Netball development league 
  • Dodgeball competitive league  
  • Hockey competition 

Completing all of these tournaments and sporting events helps the children to gain so many skills. Teamwork, resilience and determination are just a few of the many skills the children how through participating in such sporting events.and many more. Entering the children into sporting competitions helps the children to understand the values and responsibility of representing our school- The children at our school always do this to a very high standard. By playing against other schools the children understand and learn the importance of competition which thrive them to perform their best to their full potential. We have had many amazing results from our children this year. Year 5 won the North Tyneside basketball competition where they played the final during a half time game of the Newcastle Eagles. The children played amazing and brought home the trophy of 1st place. The girls football team also made it to the finals of the North Tyneside football league which gave the children involved a great sense of pride and achievement.