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Holocaust Memorial Day 2022

In marking the 77th anniversary of remembrance of the Holocaust, our Year 5 children dedicated time to reflect and learn about the struggles and harm faced by creating an emotive and sensitive animation. Centred around the theme of ‘One Day’, their story captures that of a child's viewpoint in a world of suffering through an expression of fear, hopes and dreams.


We acknowledged the impact of genocide and the pain inflicted physically as well as emotionally through other moments in history and through hardships of modern day conflict.


Year 5 created their response through the use of animation, where each child in the class drew a still frame taken from a video recording and then pieced these all together in a central Keynote project. These files were then exported so that they acted almost as a flip book. The background images then created the illusion that the animated child was walking through this history as she spoke.


As a school, we hope that our emotive project leaves you with time to reflect and with a lasting impact, like it has had on us all too.

HMD 2022 - Monkhouse Primary School