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Symptoms Protocol

Symptoms and Protocols

As you are all aware, there will be increased cases or suspected cases of Covid 19  both locally and nationally as children go back to school, adults go back to work and we are all mixing more socially. To reduce any queries or concerns, I attach a flow chart  ( also available on the school website) which should give you as parents and carers a clear guide on what to do and what the school will do over the coming few weeks and months as we start to manage this virus as part of our daily lives. If your child or household member receive a positive test result during a weekend, please contact the school on so school can respond accordingly. 

Should we receive any confirmed cases in school, we will notify parents accordingly. Please refrain from discussing or sharing your information via social media or group chat forums as this only increases concern or panic when this may not be necessary. School will contact all families to explain any procedures needed to be put in place so please do not contact us in the instance. I am grateful to those parents who recognise children will get the usual seasonal or back to school colds and coughs and to respond appropriately.

Please click the following link if you are unsure about sending your child in to school: