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Physical Education



PE: Being My Best Self


At Monkhouse, we encourage all children to be their best self. We believe all children will be ambitious, courageous, respectful, resilient and kind so that they fulfil their unique potential.


We provide motivation and opportunities for all children to lead an active and healthy lifestyle by promoting children of all abilities to develop their skills across athletics, gymnastics, dance and a wide range of sports within Key Stage 1 and 2. In the Early Years Foundation Stage, we focus on the core fine and motor skills children need to develop such as: listening and moving, ball skills, travelling across equipment, gymnastics, dance and athletics. 


Additionally, we support children's physical development by offering a wide range of activities for children then to be able to actively take part in games/competition both in and out of school to become the best that they can physically be. We believe that resilience, determination and sportsmanship underpin all physical activities and are vital skills for a physically active lifestyle we encourage all children to lead now and into the future.

PE At Monkhouse Primary School In Early Years...

In the Early Years Foundation Stage educators will prepare the children for the primary PE curriculum  through the development of core skills, moving and handling and health and self-care activities. Focus is on developing a basic understanding of his/her body in space and its relationship to his/her environment; the strength to move and maintain postures; the balance to carry out movements or remain still. We provide opportunities for each child that allow him/her to practice movements that develop core skills, including balance, strength, body awareness, knowledge of left and right, coordination and visual skills. 


In Key stage 1 and 2…

PE lessons are fun, active, engaging and progressive. To teach PE progressively across school (in KS1 and KS2), we use appropriate year group schemes of work for games, dance and gymnastics. In conjunction with these schemes, we plan a timetable of extra curricular activities to consolidate or extend learning. To ensure coverage is broad and balanced, each individual class is provided with an outline of lessons, skills and games to be taught across the academic year. This is in line with the timetable set for the North Tyneside School Games competitions. 

Active Mile 2024!

On Thursday 18th April, we launched the Active Daily Mile alongside children and their families. It was fantastic to have everyone involved in our launch and to see so many children, staff, parents, grandparents and siblings running with such determination.

We ran even over 400 miles as a whole school! Well done Monkhouse!

Extra-Curricular Sports Competitions and Opportunities 

At Monkhouse Primary School, we believe that physical education and sports play a crucial role in the overall development of our pupils. Our aim is to provide a variety of opportunities across the year for children to stay active, develop their skills, and foster a love for sports. The children participate in various competitions and sporting events throughout the year, including The Active Mile, Sports For Champions, Skipping Festival, Dance Festival and many more...