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Healthy School

Healthy Schools

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust 

Health promotion & advice is available from the North Shields Public Health School Nurse Team 

School Nurse information 

Riverside Children's Centre

Minton Lane, North Shields

0191 643 8251



Every year, we work towards maintaining our Healthy School Award Status.

As you know we currently have Healthy School Status but in order to retain this we need to maintain our efforts at staying healthy. Whilst the school offers many opportunities of physical activities that children can participate in, we need to be more aware of what children in Monkhouse are eating. We have a duty as a school to help promote a balance diet through healthy choices.

Top Tips and Reminders

  • Water bottles should only contain water, which will help keep the children hydrated throughout their working day. There is also access to water for the children from a water fountain, should they need any extra to drink
  • Meals provided by school are planned by a dietitian so they are balanced nutritionally for the children.
  • Lunches brought in should also reflect a balanced and healthy approach, ensuring children have the right level of energy and focus throughout the day. We supplied the children with a small copy of what could be in a packed lunch, which they can keep in their box to help create a balanced healthy lunch. We suggest only 1 item from the high fat group (such as a bag of crisps, a biscuit or a cake) so that there is a balance. You do not of course have to put anything from the high fat group in the lunch if you feel you would like to keep these for after school or as treats.  I am sure you will agree we would like to maintain healthy school status, however we can only do this with your support and cooperation.