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Young Sports Leaders



Who they are:

Young sports leaders are children who are chosen from year 5 and 6. Sports leaders are asked to sign up and are selected depending on their qualities. Sports leaders are children who show great leadership qualities, are confident and have a strong interest in sports. 

What they do: 

Sports leaders support active sessions during lunchtime to engage children within different types of sports. They hold assemblies once a half term to talk to the children, receive feedback and reviews on how they can improve their activities. Sports leaders run activities for Sport Relief and sport’s day.

The benefits of Young Sports Leaders are that it encourages young people to take responsibility and develop leadership skills. It also continues to develop skills such as organisation, communication, confidence and self esteem alongside planning and reviewing activities. Another huge benefit is the co-operation which helps develop key social skills.

The Young Sports Leaders at Monkhouse Primary School are a main part of the school community. We have 17 amazing children who have taken on the role of becoming a sport’s leader. They have enhanced their leadership qualities by engaging children across the years in fun and inventive activities. They use their initiative monthly to adapt and tailor the activities to the needs of the children within our school to make lunchtimes more fun and exciting for all.

Does your child want to be a sports leader? Read the guidance on what skills you require to be a sports leader via Here you will find the 9 qualities you need to become a sports leader.