Our Curriculum

Staff at Monkhouse Primary School have created a curriculum that address the new statutory requirements as detailed by the government for 2019. Our curriculum is underpinned by our values and vision which staff ensure are incorporated into the children's educational experiences. We strive for:- 

All children to be ambitious, courageous, reflective and kind so that they fulfil their unique potential and become active members of the wider global community.

Our curriculum is designed to

INGNITE passion INNOVATE thinking INSPIRE all 

and shape the future for all



Our school is committed to real life and global learning opportunities that ignite pupil's passions. Our school community will work together successfully in strong collaboration with other schools locally, nationally and internationally. Learners are engaged in collaborative and independent learning where teachers steer and challenge thinking in an emotionally healthy environment. Our learners will be nurtured, encouraged and challenged; valuing mistakes as a chance to reflect and learn.

Our teachers know how our pupils learn best, securing engagement of all to ensure they have the highest of aspirations.

Our staff will be active learners, researching and trialling new and innovative ways to teach and learn; redefining education and preparing children for the world of tomorrow.


Please take a look at our Yearly Overview Topic Map which details the topics and key subject focus that the children will be covering each term.

Our broader curriculum aim is to provide teaching and practice in the basic skills of number, reading and writing, as well as encouraging interest in music, art and the world around us.  Our P.E, Games and dance lessons aid physical awareness, co-operation and development.  We aim to give the children a good grounding in Science and computing, and introduce a range of design technology and artistic skills at the appropriate stage.

The Curriculum is based on the legal requirement set by the National Curriculum and includes mathematics, all aspects of English (reading, language study, writing, spelling, grammar and handwriting, literature, poetry and drama), science, computing, technology including computers), history and geography, design technology, music, art, physical education ~(including games, swimming, gymnastics, dance and outdoor education).