Our Curriculum

Staff at Monkhouse Primary School have created a curriculum that address the new statutory requirements as detailed by the government for 2014. Our curriculum is underpinned by our values and vision which staff ensure are incorporated into the children's educational experiences. We strive for:- 

Children who are safe, happy and ready to take an active role in their learning.

Learning Opportunities are :-

Adventurous, ambitious, exciting and set in real life contexts. They focus on developing curiosity, imagination, exploration and investigation.

We know each child’s strengths and their needs and, through robust assessment for learning, ensure that we give them the curriculum they need to help them to succeed in school and in future life.

Parents are true partners in their child’s learning because they understand their child’s progress and achievement and feel confident to engage with the school community.


Please take a look at our Yearly Overview Topic Map which details the topics and key subject foci that the children will be covering each term.

Our broader curriculum aim is to provide teaching and practice in the basic skills of number, reading and writing, as well as encouraging interest in music, art and the world around us.  Our P.E, Games and dance lessons aid physical awareness, co-operation and development.  We aim to give the children a good grounding in Science and computing, and introduce a range of design technology and artistic skills at the appropriate stage.

The Curriculum is based on the legal requirement set by the National Curriculum and includes mathematics, all aspects of English (reading, language study, writing, spelling, grammar and handwriting, literature, poetry and drama), science, computing, technology including computers), history and geography, design technology, music, art, physical education ~(including games, swimming, gymnastics, dance and outdoor education).