Spring Term 18/19

Question for this term: Spring
What are the essentials to survive?
A brief overview: 
In Year 3 this term, we are learning about Prehistoric Britain from the Stone through to the Iron Age to see if we can answer our project question ‘What are the essentials to survive?’ across the term.
During this project, we will be developing our knowledge and understanding when investigating the significant changes in Britain from when humans first began to settle here. Our journey will take us back as we time travel to explore the changes in settlements, farming and culture across around 10,000 years, between the last Ice Age and the coming of the Romans… do we have it in us to survive? We can’t wait to share our learning with you.
Some Photographs from our Autumn Exhibition!

Year 3 and 4 Spring Term project showcase: 

What are the essentials to survive? 

Year 3 and Year 4 children were able to impress and share their learning with

their audience during a fun and educational afternoon where all those who

attended were able to take part in various prehistoric activities.

Our families were greeted with a warm welcome and shown around our

exhibition, before listening to a Stone Age song the children had learnt and

prepared actions to. The children then became our prehistoric experts as they

demonstrated their understanding of how to create prehistoric art as well as

making some bread using ingredients that existed all those years ago.

They were also able to share their fantastic newspaper articles that ranged

from the discovery of prehistoric settlement site to a surprising fossil find. With

the aid of their project books, the children were able to share their learning to

show their understanding of how we are entertained in addition to how we can

stay safe and warm.

We are so proud of the children; they have truly embraced this project as they

have worked so hard to discover and understand what life was like for

humans thousands of years ago.