Spring Term Project

How Can We Solve a Problem?

Over the course of our project we will be tackling 3 big questions:
How can we get rid of a bad smell?
There is a horrible smell in the classroom and we need to find out what is causing it!
We will be learning about keeping clean and healthy, making our own perfumes and potions and inventing machines to help with the cleaning. We will be learning about germs and how to try to avoid them. We’ll be using a number of texts including the disgusting ‘Dirty Bertie’.

What Would You Do If Your House Fell Down?
We will be using one of our favourite stories – The Three Little Pigs. We’ll be designing and Building Houses, inventing ways to move large objects safely and making wolf traps. We’ll be making posters, writing speech bubbles and acting out the story. We’ll be doing lots of work with measurement and shape.

What Would You Do If a Tiger Ate Your Tea?
Using ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ and ‘Mrs Wobble the Waitress’ we’ll be preparing to open our in-class cafes. We’ll be designing and making menus and recipes; tablecloths and table decorations and developing an understanding of a healthy diet. We’ll be exploring sharing in maths as we make sure everyone has a fair portion!