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How to contact school during shut down:
0191 300 0490 or email: office@monkhouseprimary.co.uk 
App/Text message to the school using the school gateway app. We recommend that all parents/carers download the app and log in with the information you have provided school. 
Staff will also be in contact with children and parents/carers via the app Seesaw or Tapestry for Reception and Nursery. This will allow staff to comment and feedback on children’s work that has been completed and uploaded

Please be aware of the following current COVID-19 information for parents/carers.

  1. We appreciate you staying in contact with us and checking updates regularly.
  2. Since 23 March, our school has remained open only to a priority group of children. Children with at least one parent or carer who is listed on the government’s critical worker list can attend school and where appropriate, vulnerable children. Children of critical workers, and vulnerable children who are already eligible, continued to be offered a place, regardless of the year group they are in until our deadline of 8th June. This deadline for requests was up until  the end of the summer term. This allowed us to identify the school capacity to open more widely to Reception, Year One and Year Six children. At this stage, we are unable to offer education support in school for those children who did not register with school by 8th June 2020.  
  3. We have planned very carefully, from 15th June 2020,  to safely welcome back children as directed by the government. To do this, we need to take into account the health and wellbeing of our staff and the limits of our building for current social distancing guidance. Different schools are doing this in their own way because of these factors.
  4. Due to government guidance, each child is placed in a bubble with a members of staff and will remain there throughout the day. This limits interactions with others. However, bubbles may change over time as other children come back to school.
  5. We will continue to support home learning as appropriate. The DFE guidance states that

“Schools and colleges continue to be best placed to make decisions about how to support and educate all their pupils during this period, based on the local context and staff capacity.

Schools should use best endeavours to support pupils attending school as well as those remaining at home.”

  1. Parents will not be fined for non-attendance of their children at this time. But if your child is not attending, and is in the identified year groups, you should talk to school staff about this and identify any barriers.

Please find below the links that takes you to the Google Drive Folder for all of the learning for your child’s year group. For security of all children, you will need to log in using your child’s school email address and password to access the content (these were detailed within the information sent home with your child and the email sent out to parent/carers).

Please contact your child’s class teacher or the school office if you are unable to access this for your child. Year 1 & 2 have been given a hard copy of this information to take home.

Thank you

From 23rd March 2020, we open our school for the children of key workers because their work is critical to the UK’s COVID-19 response and we are proud and happy to do so.

To those parents we have notified to tell them they have a place reserved for them, I make this heartfelt plea to please think of the following, each and every day:

DO NOT send your child if there is someone else at home who can look after them.

DO NOT send your child if you have a day off.

DO social distance yourself as much as possible if your child is going to be in school

DO keep them home if they, yourself or someone you have been around has the symptoms of coronavirus

The staff who are in school are there to help those who really need somewhere for their child to go while their parents continue to do those really important jobs needed during this pandemic. It is NOT to be free childcare. The front line staff do not have the luxury many others have to decide to social distance.

For all other children who remain at home.
Uphold the Government's advice on social distancing for the whole family.
Do not allow your children to play out unsupervised in groups with friends and acquaintances.

In these difficult times we need to look after each other.

Educational Psychology Helpline: 0191 643 8739
In response to this situation the Educational Psychology Service (EPS) is providing a helpline to school staff and the parents / carers of children / young people in your school community.
The aim of the EPS helpline is to: 
- Provide a listening service and reduce levels of anxiety
- Help callers to manage their worries or concerns 
- Help parents / carers meet the emotional needs of their children
- Discuss perceived problems and support solution focused thinking
- Navigate through the wealth of resources and services out there, and signpost callers to the most appropriate place(s) for further support.