Science is a core subject at Monkhouse Primary. As a school, the staff work hard to provide the children with a variety of activities that involve lots of scientific experiences. The children are encouraged to think and investigate in a number of ways both with the support of the adults and independently to develop their knowledge. Science is delivered with a very ‘hands on’ approach and is very practical allowing the children to think scientifically, broaden their own thinking skills and at the same time develop their understanding of the different scientific concepts.

We encourage children to raise questions rather than accept facts unchallenged. We believe in promoting the ability to predict, hypothesise, observe and measure. Careful manipulation of variables to perform a fair test and evaluation of available evidence are also essential investigative skills to foster in the primary classroom

At Monkhouse, we pride ourselves on starting with the needs of the child first. We endeavor to find out what makes the children tick and how they want to learn. We start with the interests of the child and then design learning opportunities that are relevant and engaging. Children have the opportunity to design their own investigations and think of their own clever questions to ask!

Science should always stimulate and excite pupils.

 Science is  a way to organise our curiosity!

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