Parent, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA)

At Monkhouse we are lucky to have a PTFA who are involved in many areas of school life. Our PTFA work extremely hard to organise fun events for school and our communiity to raise money for our school. Have a look on this page to see details of our successful events that we have organised and upcoming events. Past events include our amazing Summer Fair, School Discos, Mothers and Fathers Day Stalls and many more!

Money raised by the PTFA have gone towards improving our school and have provided ipads, books and playground equipment

More volunteers are needed. Could you come to a Friday morning meeting or help out at an event? Perhaps you have an idea for a fundraiser or could make something to sell on the Mother’s Day or Christmas Stall?

All parents automatically become members of the PTFA when their child starts school and you can be involved with the PTFA as much as you like. If you would like to find out more or can offer your help, please leave a message for Beverly Broomfield at our school office

Mother's Day and Father's Day Gift Stall
Every year, the PTA support the school in selling simple, affordable gifts for children to give to their loved one's. These gifts range from bought items, to home made items and tasty treats.