New Areas in School!

We are always trying to improve our areas in school to make it a fun and exciting place to learn. Take a look at the improvements we have made this year.
Maths Area
In fitting with our approach to immersive classrooms, our Maths area has had a facelift and we are delighted with it! Children working in this area with their year group staff are surrounded by Maths! From our library of Maths books, to our Numicon cushions and hanging Maths decorations! Our children love working in this area; it is the perfect place to dive into some deeper Maths thinking. Next to our Maths area is our new Maths display which showcases our children's amazing work. It focusses on our new Maths hastags which we have been using this year to develop our skills in communicating and reasoning.
The display is updated termly, with each year group contributing a  piece of work for each hashtag. These hashtags are:
PE Equipment
Over the Summer, we were successful in applying for funding from the Big Lottery Fund. This enabled us to purchase our fantastic, new outdoor gym equipment. The total cost of the equipment was £12000, with the vast majority of this being generously paid for by the Big Lottery Fund.

We felt the need to update our outdoor provision on the yard. It is a wonderfully enjoyable way of staying active and improving fitness levels. This equipment has been greatly enjoyed by children and staff alike in school. It has been a brilliant addition to our lunch and break times as well as in our outdoor PE sessions.

‘The journey of your imagination starts with the turning of a single page.’


Here at Monkhouse we are always striving to develop children’s engagement and success with reading. We know that one of the key skills that children need to guarantee lifelong success in learning is to be able to read fluently and confidently, which will in turn open doors to all kinds of new worlds for them. One of our main focuses in school is to develop children’s reading ability as well as their love of reading, allowing them to see the importance of this skill, and how much fun becoming immersed in a book can be.


A school library is undoubtedly one of the finest resources for promoting reading for pleasure, so we have put our own spin on the library this year to capture the imaginations of children across school.

Each term, we immerse our classrooms to create a purposeful learning environment, which is bursting with ore and wonder for our children; this year, our aim is to make our school library the showstopper of them all. With a little fairy dust, we have transformed our school library into a magical reading zone that children can’t wait to go to. Through a Hogwarts design, children feel enthused and captured from the moment they step into the world of make believe.


We feel passionate that our school library must:


  • provide a relaxing and enjoyable environment, which houses a wide and inclusive range of resources to support reading and promote a love of books.
  • play a vibrant role in engaging children into a culture of reading by inspiring their imaginations and bringing fun into reading.
  • provide a place for collaborative learning, creativity, imaginative play and so much deserved wind down time.


Enjoy some photos of our library this term…I wonder what next term will bring!

Over the Summer2017  the art room has had an amazing make over. We now have three sinks all with hot water, new storage cupboards, brand new floor and freshly painted walls. Its looking great. 

We have been enjoying using our new room to complete Art and Design activities already this term.