The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics

Paul Halmos


At Monkhouse, we teach according to Singapore Maths principles and pedagogy, using a concrete pictorial-abstract approach to achieve mastery and depth for all children. With an emphasis on problem solving, children are taught to visualise, to make connections and to communicate their understanding both verbally and in written form. Topics are taught in extended blocks in order to allow sufficient time for children to practise, refine and ultimately master concepts and processes. They are carefully sequenced so that skills and knowledge are continually revisited and applied through procedural and conceptual variation.

Lessons are carefully designed to ensure all children access rich, problem solving tasks and do not just focus on development of procedural fluency. Through a lesson design which starts with a problem, all children are given the opportunity to problem solve and reason. Teachers use assessment for learning to determine whether in the lesson children need further guided practice or independent practice. Through this approach, no child is given a predetermined label based on prior attainment and all children’s needs are met.

Our curriculum is designed to meet the requirements of the 2014 curriculum which aims to ensure all pupils:

- Become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics so that they are efficient in using and selecting the appropriate written algorithms and mental methods, underpinned by mathematical concepts

 - Can solve problems by applying their mathematics to a variety of problems with increasing sophistication, including in unfamiliar contexts and to model real-life scenarios - Can reason mathematically by following a line of enquiry and develop and present a justification, including in unfamiliar mathematical language.

We recognise the importance of securing the foundations of mental calculation and number sense and so provide children with daily Hi 5 Maths sessions in which they can practise and consolidate these skills.

To support children in their learning, we use a wide range of practical equipment which supports children in developing number sense and becoming secure in their methods of calculation.

The equipment that we use:



Dienes/Base 10          Base 10 Blocks         


Place value counters       

Tens frames                   

Cuisenaire rods                 

We place a great deal of emphasis on the use of correct mathematical vocabulary and children are regularly exposed to tasks which allow them to use their vocabulary to clearly explain, reason and justify. 

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