International School Work

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Mrs Baggett and Miss Scott had a wonderful time working with our partner school in Rajkot, India and the children are thoroughly enjoying the follow up assemblies. They spent time in all classes in Panchshil school teaching traditional English songs, games, dances and literacy activities. 

In 2015 Monkhouse Primary School received the British Council International School Award, we are extremmely proud of this award and of the international links and opportunities our children have in school. Look through this page to see what events we have participaed in and the wonderful range of activities our children have enjoyed.
See below for our International School Policy

Visits to China and Our Visitors from China

Mr Smith and Mrs Baggett were invited to present at two conferences for Chinese teachers in Shenzhen, China on Monday 14th - Friday 18th November 2016. This is an amazing opportunity for our school. During the week, they also visited our sister school, Huafu Primary School as well as working with the Futian Board of Education to observe current educational practices in some of Shenzhen’s most successful schools.

We also welcomed back the staff and some children from Huafu Primary School on Monday 28th November until Monday 5th December. There were ten children, who play in the districts Brass band and three teachers working with us in school. They worked mainly with year five and six children, the school band and choir however the whole school had the opportunity to meet them.
German Nativity
Christmas 2015 was a little different for our Year 3 and 4 children, they worked hard to learn the Nativity Story in German. They performed this along with some French and German songs that the whole school had learned. 
Osigilli Massai Warriors Visit
We support this travelling group as they raise money for their community. In return, we learn about their culture and traditions.
Celebrations and Festivals
To allow our children to fully understand the diverse world they are part of, we provide opportunities to learn about different cultural and religious festivals and celebrations.