Important News

17th September 2018

 Staying Safe

With the dark night’s drawing in and as ever, more than our fair share of bad weather, it seems timely to draw attention to the need for us all to stay safe.

Firstly, we would strongly advise that children are collected from any after school clubs or activities.

Suggested general advice also includes:

  •          If picking up your children is not possible, encourage them to take the same familiar routes to and from school every day.
  •          Remind them, if you usually meet them at the school gate and for some reason you are not there at 3.30pm, to come back into school and wait.
  •          Whenever possible, children who walk to and from school should do so in a group.
  •          Avoid unlit areas.
  •          Talk to them about how to react if they get lost.
  •          Help us to reinforce the work we do about “stranger danger” and how to react if anyone approaches them.

 You will also be aware that there is a major construction project in operation on the side of the school. It will present a danger with extra vehicles and people moving between the site, and we would appreciate your support in ensuring that children are kept well away from these sites when they are in your care.

Many thanks for your continued support