House Points

House Point Weekly Total 
Dome      783     
Collingwood 687
Priory 749
St Mary's  722


We have introduced a new reward scheme this term.

We will still keep the existing ways of rewarding pupils such as the weekly achievement certificates given out in Magic Habit assemblies. In addition, staff will be rewarding pupils with house points. Each pupil has become a member of one of four house groups. The houses are named after well known local landmarks, Priory, Collingwood, St Mary’s and Dome. The houses will be composed of children from every year group, with siblings always being in the same house. The family groups will meet regularly with their head of house. When a pupil earns a house point they bank it in their classroom in their house’s coloured box. The pupil leaders will regularly count the number of house points each house has collected and at the end of each term, the house with the most points will receive a prize/treat.

Children will be able to earn house points for effort, attitude, achievement and citizenship both within and outside the classroom. All staff will be able to award house points and we hope this new incentive will encourage the children to try their best and receive recognition for this effort. It is hoped that it will encourage pupils to mix within the school and allow opportunities for older children to take responsibility and work with younger ones. Keep and eye on our website for up to date house points.


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