At Monkhouse Primary, we truly believe that language and communication are life skills which need to be nurtured and developed from the moment children walk through our doors. Our overall aim for English is to create a ‘need’ to learn in all children which supports their reading and writing development during their years with us.

English is at the heart of our curriculum and truly instils awe and wonder, and a love of learning, in all of our pupils. Reading and writing is enriched throughout our curriculum and the creative environment and learning context that we provide leads to enhanced learning experiences, which allow children the opportunity to develop in a curriculum tailored to their needs.

Key aims of the English curriculum:

As a school, we aim to promote a high standard of English by supporting children with their development of accurate spoken and written English, alongside confidence and enjoyment when accessing a wide range of literature. Through participation with the English curriculum, all pupils will:

- Develop communication and spoken language skills through collaboration and encouragement.

- Read with enjoyment; fluently, confidently and with a sense of success.

- Develop a love of reading and reading habits, understanding the main purposes of reading     information finding and for pleasure.

- Develop a repertoire of vocabulary which is rich, thoughtful and challenging.

- Explore and engage with our much loved literacy heritage.

- Write creatively and coherently with confidence and a sense of pride and achievement.

- Write for a purpose and to engage an audience, whilst showcasing their individual flare and     style.

Our English curriculum is divided in to three main sections: Reading, written composition and grammar. All of these areas are taught through creative literacy, including visual literacy, animation, film and performance. Children are encouraged to develop their whole English understanding, whilst enjoying and learning from engaging experiences which enhance the skills needed for the 21st centaury learner. 

Through a love of reading, which currently radiates through school, we strive to engage and motivate all of our learners to enjoy and appreciate literature and have ownership over the books they choose and identify with. Cross-curricular links are integral to the ethos of our school and high-quality literature plays a pivotal role in this.


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