The aim of the computing curriculum at Monkhouse Primary is to develop a love of computing through intrigue and exploration. The use of ICT is integrated into whole school life to supplement and enhance the learning experience. ICT forms part of a broad and balanced curriculum, in which every child has the opportunity to develop their computing skills.


Our computing curriculum is divided into two parts: Digital Literacy and Computer Science. Children are encouraged to develop their knowledge and understanding of how computers work, while giving them practical experience of building, coding and debugging algorithms. This is accessed through our wide use of technologies, including - Raspberry Pi, Lego, NXT Robots or Bee-bots,


Cross curricular links are integral to the ethos of our school and ICT plays a big part of this. We run a 1-2-1 ipad scheme for all KS2 children and have ipads readily available for KS1 children. Ipads are used throughout the school, for a multitude of purposes, to record, share and distribute different work. The use of ipads has redefined our approach to teaching and allows children to creatively and purposefully record work in different ways.


We are a digitally confident school and our e-safety curriculum is embedded throughout school. The aim of our E-safety curriculum is to prepare children and develop them to be digitally confident and responsible online.

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