This term Year 3 have been exploring ‘ What does it take to be resilient?’. We started off by having a challenge day where we all had a go at facing form patience  testing challenges including games on our cube. 

We looked at the reliance needed when using our iPad and learnt all about how to keep ourselves safe as well as taking part in Kerb craft training  where we learnt how to cross roads safely.  We were lucky enough to be able to share all our learning with the whole school in assembly. 

Following this we started to learn all about famous people who have had to show great resilience to achieve what they have before finally looking at the impact earthquakes and volcanoes have to the local areas and the resilience they must show to overcome the disasters. 

To finish our project we invited parents in to have a go at some of our challenges  we started with and gave them lots of tips on how to be resilient and lots of encouragement!