Autumn project 2019 - This term our main project question has been

How can we make ourselves feel good?’  

The first mini outcome explored the question- How am I feeling? We explored a range of feelings and emotions, including; happy, sad, excited, frightened and nervous. We created our own emotions board and talked about how we were feeling each day and why we might be feeling that way. We also talked about colour and its link to feelings and emotions. In doing so, we created paintings using warm and cold colours.

The second mini outcome explored the question- What do I do if I feel sad or scared? During this mini outcome we discussed different strategies or activities that we could use if we felt sad or scared. This included; talking through our concerns with a grown up or a friend, singing and exercise. Therefore, we enjoyed learning lots of new songs and rhymes in music and learning how to skip and exercise in a variety of ways in PE. The children recorded their ideas by writing a caption.

The third mini outcome explored the question- How  can we make each other feel good? The children identified many ways in which they could make their friends and family feel good. This included; making cookies to share with our year 1 friends, singing rhymes to the whole school and passing on smiles! We also created a family happiness bag to give to our parents and made lots of items to add to the bag, this included; 'a big hug' postcard, a heart collage, a lucky four leaf clover, a family portrait and a handprint art. The creation of the happiness bag enabled us to practise lots of skills such as cutting, drawing and writing.

The final outcome considered the question-How can I be brave? During this outcome we set the children a number of challenges to help develop their resilience and can do attitude. This included; getting changed into their PE kit independently, using the large climbing equipment and apparatus in PE, putting on the outdoor suits, zipping up coats independently, brave writing and performing the nativity in front of our parents and families.

We celebrated our learning with an end of project exhibition. During the exhibition we watched a video celebrating our learning, performed some rhymes and songs using Makaton and shared our learning journeys with our families. Finally, we presented our family happiness bags to mums and dads. The exhibition resulted in lots happiness and pride in the children’s learning and accomplishments during their first term in Reception!

Autumn Term 2019 – How Can We Make Ourselves  feel Good?

In Nursery this term we have learned such a lot!  We have all settled in really well and made new friends.

As part of our project we have enjoyed a number of texts including Humpty Dumpty and other nursery rhymes, Little Lumpty, Simon Sock and Little Rabbit Foo Foo.

We talked a lot about characters and events in stories, and about how characters might feel at different times.

We talked about our own feelings and learned what to do if we are sad or scared.  We all know that if someone does something we don’t like we can say, ‘Stop, I don’t like that’, and that we should always tell our families or teachers if we are feeling bad.

We thought about how to make each other feel good, we made presents for our friends and families and we are very good at being friendly and polite when we speak to each other!

We have worked very hard on developing our physical skills – we all know how to jump and land safely, we can all snip with scissors and some of us are able to cut along lines and cut out shapes.