Art & DT


Art and Design provides an opportunity for children to develop their creative and imaginative skills. It also provides a way of understanding and responding to the environment as well as an appreciation of art from other cultures. Children enjoy exploring the ideas and skills of famous artists, craftspeople and designers. Children are encouraged to be self critical and to improve their work and to develop the capacity to express observations and feelings. Children learn about colour, form, texture and pattern and use a wide range of different materials and techniques such as painting, printing, sketching, modelling, collage work and textiles. Pupils keep a sketch book which shows how they develop as artists. We are currently working towards becoming an Artsmark school for our creative work.

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Design & Technology

In Design and Technology, children learn to think and plan creatively. They become creative problem solvers, investigating the world around them and the products within it. They combine practical skills with an understanding of aesthetics, social and environmental issues. As they do so, they reflect on and evaluate examples of past and present design and technology in a rapidly changing technological world, including its uses and effects. We teach them to look at models and structures and design and make their own.

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Over the Summer2017  the art room has had an amazing make over. We now have three sinks all with hot water, new storage cupboards, brand new floor and freshly painted walls. Its looking great. 

We have been enjoying using our new room to complete Art and Design activities already this term. 

Our Arts fair to celebrate our atrs week and to show off our wonderful work