Adventurous Playtimes supported by OPAL


 Over the Summer term the children had a fantastic time enjoying our new outdoor equipment. They especially loved the new social spaces where friends could relax in the sunshine as well as the brilliant new monkey bars and roll over bars!

As Autumn in now upon us don't forget to send your children with coats and waterproofs as they will be making use of school wellies to play out in all weathers.


Adventurous Playtimes supported by OPAL 

Working with an organisation called OPAL (Outdoor play and learning), have been working over the past year to improve our play times. We now offer a range of challenging and fun opportunities for our pupils to encourage them to develop their independence, teamwork, physical and mental well-being, critical thinking and resilience.

We are committed to ensuring high quality play opportunities are available to all of the children at Monkhouse Primary School as we believe that play is essential for children’s physical, emotional, social and intellectual development.

Our vision for play at Monkhouse Primary School

Play in our school should be a freely chosen activity which your child will find satisfying and enjoyable. It will provide them with an opportunity to use their intuition, be physically active, be creative, make their own decisions, be outdoors and overall have fun.

Our school has a play policy and long term plan to develop and sustain quality playtimes and our school lunch time staff are trained and positively motivated to support play. We feel this is an exciting time at Monkhouse Primary School and do hope you will continue to support our changes and efforts to improve the quality of play for everyone.