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MfL ; The window to the world

Enjoying French Culture and Music

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Learning a Modern Foreign Language prepares our pupils to participate in a rapidly changing world in which work and other activities are often carried out in languages other than English. It is essential that our pupils are equipped with the skills needed to succeed within the international workplace. Through learning a language, increased pupil initiative, confidence and independent learning is evident as well as enhancing an awareness of our own language.


Early Years /Key Stage 1

Although non-statutory, children are introduced to the French language through learning a range of songs, stories and rhymes. The focus is on developing their speaking and listening skills. Pupils learn to answer simple questions, name objects and respond to simple instructions.

Our curriculum projects will help learners explore their place in the world, to understand cultural differences and to celebrate the differences and diversities that make us all unique and special.

Key Stage 2

We teach French to our Key Stage 2 children on a weekly basis. Where possible, teachers work with a Primary Languages Assistant from the North Tyneside Learning Trust, to allow children to interact with and learn from a native French speaker.


 Songs, rhymes and stories are again used to introduce new vocabulary and help pupils retain these key words and phrases. In Years 3 and 4, pupils begin to compose short conversations and speak in simple sentences.  Pupils will begin to read and write simple sentences on a familiar topic and say what they like/dislike. 

In Year 5 and 6, pupils build on their speaking and listening skills to ensure they are using the correct grammar. They are able to read and write longer pieces of text and begin to work out unfamiliar words.

Spoken Languages

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International Work

In December 2018 we successfully achieved re-accreditation in the British Council International Schools Award. As part of this project we worked closely with staff and children from our partner school in Shenzhen, China and held various themed activities across school. We joined together with two other local schools to share our MfL work through spoken performances  and ordered items from the French themes cafe. Cultural singing and dancing supported the children in understanding the similarities and difference between France and the UK.  Staff and pupils were praised in the letter from the British Council:

International Hello Day 2020

This year, we found out lots of different ways to day hello around the world. Each class delved a little deeper into one country and tweeted their 'international hello'.International hello display

Displays for MfL

To encourage the children to hear and understand the french language, displays around school prompt observations, questions and allow the children opportunities to use technology to 'hear' the language being spoken and sung. This Christmas, we have shared with the children a well known song, The Twelve Day of Christmas. By holding their ipads over each QR code, they will hear the relevant verse of the song in French and see the corresponding french words. This is a great way to allow children to engage and become immersed in the language.


Les douze jours de Noel

British Council Re-Accreditation Letter

International Visitors

MfL ; The window to the world