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Google Class Meet and Zoom Protocol


Google Meet or Zoom Protocol 

January 2021

To support remote home learning and for those children supervised in school, we aim to lead two, planned whole class live teaching sessions a day per class in KS1 & 2. There will be one planned, social google meet / zoom call for all children (EYFS, KS1&2) . We do not have the capacity at this time to record live lessons as our focus is on teaching the children. We have staggered the live sessions across the morning to ensure there are not live sessions running concurrently in a household as we appreciate this may be difficult to manage. WIFI in school has been a challenge and the LA are working hard to increase the bandwidth for all schools. When teachers are leading live sessions from school or sessions are being streamed in school, there may be some WIFI issues,  please bear with us to try and resolve them. There will be extra demand on WIFI nationally and it is likely there will be some technical issues which may take longer for school or home to resolve. We will try our best to resolve them so children’s learning can continue in the best way possible.


In order to maximise learning during these sessions the following expectations are in place and should be followed:-

  • Every live session will begin with a reminder of the expectations for behaviour during it.

  • Live sessions will start promptly so be ready to join 5 minutes prior to the actual meeting time. Have all the necessary resources and materials to ready record your own responses to the learning.The school staff will admit children into the meet.

  • Turn your iPad/PC to mute when you join the meet/zoom to reduce background noise.

  • The classroom camera will be turned off. 

  • Only unmute when you have been asked to or invited to respond to the teacher. The google meet / zoom does not work well if there is more than one person talking at a time.

  • Use the google chat function only to record answers that have been asked by the teacher. This is not to be used as a message option for your friends.

  • Be sensible when you are on the live google meet / zoom call. 

  • During the google meet/zoom call, do not leave your seat or distract other children in any way. This is valuable learning time for you at home.

  • The weekly class social google meet / zoom call  is the time for you to enjoy seeing and chatting with your friends.  You will still need to follow the rules above.

  • Where live sessions are being carried out for Basic Skills and Hi5, ensure that you are prepared by having access to the slides before joining or have resources to work with.

  • Participants using video cameras should dress appropriately and have some

consideration to their background.

  • When sharing your screen with a class, ensure only the relevant documents / tabs are open.

  • Screen shots are not permitted to be taken during any session.


Consequences of not following the protocol

  • Cameras will be asked to be turned off for individual children.

  • Children will be removed from the initial meet and parents will be contacted

  • Parents will be contacted if issues are ongoing and an agreed plan of access will be agreed.

  • If a safeguarding risk is identified, children’s services, LA LADO will be involved.