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Code of Conduct

At Monkhouse Primary School we follow basic straightforward rules which everyone must follow within school. We also encourage our children to follow these rules whilst they are in their own homes and when they are in and around our local community.

Code of Conduct

Monkhouse Primary School is special and we can make it a happy and successful place for everyone if we all follow our code of conduct: .

  • Care for each other.
  • Be kind, responsible, sensible, honest and polite.
  • Respect the feelings, space, bodies and property of others.
  • Always tell the truth. Be responsible for all our actions. 
  • Always try our best in everything we do. 
  • Never disrupt lessons.
  • Be calm and quiet when we move around school.
  • Tidy up our mess and be responsible for our own property.
  • Look after the materials, equipment and places we use.

Do what we can to make our school a safe and happy place.