Pupil Leadership Team


The Pupil Leadership Team visited Marine Park school on Wednesday 17th May. They started to work together with Pupil Leaders from Marine Park on their assembly about safety helmets on bikes and scooters. It was a successful trip and pupils from both schools enjoyed this rare opportunity to collaborate with another school. 
The Pupil Leadership Team is comprised of 2 children from year 1-6, who are elected by their class peers to represent their class for a period of 1 year. They meet weekly to discuss topics that are relevant to children in the school, reporting back to their class any news or information. They choose , through consultation with their classes, the 4 charities that they want to support each year and what they will do to raise the money. They consult their class for their views on matters that affect them, Good to be Green, safety in school.
Pictured below is our Pupil Leadership Team section in the North Tyneside Council Newsletter, we hope you enjoy reading it. 
The Pupil Leaders have recently worked with the cook, giving feedback regarding the choices available and possible changes that Monkhouse children may like. It was a really enjoyable session using her Pizza board to share our answers.