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In 2015 Monkhouse Primary School received the British Council International School Award, we are extremmely proud of this award and of the international links and opportunities our children have in school. Look through this page to see what events we have participaed in and the wonderful range of activities our children have enjoyed.
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Mademoiselle Seven will be leaving us at the end of this month and we would like to say au revoir and merci. She has had a significant impact on the development of French with year three and four classes. We hosted a French celebration event on Thursday 18th May along with pupils from Rockliffe First school and King Edwards Primary School.

Since October the children in Year 1 and Year 5 have had the privilege to have Miss Sukic, a trainee teacher from Slovenia working with them. Miss Sukic has embraced working at Monkhouse and has supported and enhanced the children’s learning. As a result the children have gained a valuable insight and an understanding of; Slovenia, a new culture, its traditions and language. Furthermore, the children have learned how to communicate and learn from and with someone who does not have English as her first language.

During the spring term some Year 1 and 2 children have attended Slovenian club with Miss Sukic.  The children have had the opportunity to learn about the country of Slovenian and its culture and traditions. Therefore the children have had the opportunity to: make (and eat) some traditional Slovenian gingerbread cookies, design and create masks similar to those used to in Slovenian celebrations, learn a traditional dance and play Slovenian games such as ‘birds nest’ and ‘rotten egg!’ In addition, the children have learnt some words and key phrases of the Slovenian language.

Unfortunately, Miss Sukic has to return to Slovenia to continue her studies to become a teacher. The children and staff will miss working with her and are sad to say goodbye (nasvidenje). We would like to take the opportunity to thank her and wish her well. However, the children have promised to keep in touch and write regular updates to our new Slovenian pen pal!

Monkhouse welcome Mademoiselle Séven, a French language assistant, to our team. She will work with us every Thursday afternoon until the end of May. During this time she will support the staff, work with children and deliver some additional out of hours learning to enhance the children’s understanding of French language and culture.
Monkhouse welcome Zgrešiti Sukič, an assistant from Slovenia, to our team. She will work with us every day until the end of February. Zgrešiti Sukič is training to be a teacher in Slovenia and is working alongside our teachers to further develop her own spoken and written English and teaching and learning skills. She will work predominately in year 1,2 and 5 supporting in class but also raising awareness of Slovenian culture and traditions. 

China Visitors & Our Visitors from China

Mr Smith and Mrs Baggett were invited to present at two conferences for Chinese teachers in Shenzhen, China on Monday 14th - Friday 18th November 2016. This is an amazing opportunity for our school. During the week, they also visited our sister school, Huafu Primary School as well as working with the Futian Board of Education to observe current educational practices in some of Shenzhen’s most successful schools.

We also welcomed back the staff and some children from Huafu Primary School on Monday 28th November until Monday 5th December. There were ten children, who play in the districts Brass band and three teachers working with us in school. They worked mainly with year five and six children, the school band and choir however the whole school had the opportunity to meet them.

Visitors from Panschill School Thursday 23rd April

On Thursday 23rd April we welcomed our international visitors from Panschil School in Rajot India; Yogiraj and Dr DK. Yogiraji showed the children a powerpoint all about Panschill School and how the school operates. The children loved finding out about the school and the similarities and differences between our school and theirs.

The children performed some of their favourite songs and the choir also sang a medley of pop classics. Year 1 & 4 performed their dance festival performances, which were thoroughly enjoyed by our visitors. Our visitors brought with them many gifts including their school polo shirt with the logo from both schools on the front.

Yogiraj and Dr DK went to visit some of the children in their classrooms. Year 5 & 6 children taught them some of our traditional playground games and shared the pen pal letters they had completed in class.

Chinese Visitors
Monkhouse was host to 4 Chinese children and their teacher from Monday 6th - 13th of June. 5 of our children were chosen to be their buddies for that time, which entailed helping them around school, ensuring they had everything they needed, were where they were supposed to be.and accompanying them to events both in school time  and after school. These included visiting local sights, being dancing champions at a disco at Hadian Park and making pizza with Hadrian park and their visitors at Monkhouse. These children were able to put our visitors at ease and it was with great pride we watched them assume this role confidently and enthusiastically.
The success of this trip was due to these children and the rest of Monkhouse who welcomed our visitors whole heartedly and were extremely reluctant to say goodbye.
We look forward to repeating this in the future and know we could confidently ask any of our children to be a buddy.
A huge thank you to the children who were our buddies and to the rest of Monkhouse who welcomed our visitors in to our school, ensuring they had a truly memorable visit and I know that their favourite part of their trip was the time they spent in our school with everyone.
German Nativity
Christmas 2015 was a little different for our Year 3 and 4 children, they worked hard to learn the Nativity Story in German. They performed this along with some French and German songs that the whole school had learned. 
European Day of Languages!
Every year we celebrate the European Day of Languages and take part in a wide range of acivities to broaden our knowkedge and understanding of our European neighbours. There are over 6000 languages spoken in the world. Behind each and every one of them lies a rich and diverse culture. That’s what the European Day of Languages (EDL) aims to celebrate - by showing people across Europe how important languages are, and what fun can be had learning them.
Laet year we started the day with a fun assembly, which involved challenging Mrs Heatherington and Mr Smith's knowldege of languages. During the day each class used a different language as the basis of their learning, through a range of fun activities. Children learned more about the French, German, Spanish and Italian languages. We were lucky enough to have visitors into school who spoke in different languages and taught some of us lots of new words. Each year group also had a go at Greek dancing (without the plate smashing!). One of the favourite activities of the day was the international food tasting! Thanks to Miss O'Neill, we were able to sample some foods from Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the UK. The patatas bravas from Spain was definitely a hit! 
Our great day ended with each class sharing what they had learned which they showed the rest of the school in their new language. We're looking forward to next year's celebration already!