Autumn Term 2

This half term we are considering the question "Who will we meet in the woods?" As a result, we will be looking at traditional stories involving the woods. Firstly, we will be exploring the story of Sita and Rama and considering how and why Diwali is celebrated by Hindus around the world and how we can celebrate it too! Secondly, we will be looking at the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood' and considering 'how we can help Grandma'. In doing so, the children will be investigating different ways to make a number to help fill grandmas basket. We will also be looking at the sequence of a story and retelling the story in various ways. Thirdly, the children will be asked to consider 'What can we do about Goldilocks?' During this mini outcome the children will be helping Goldilocks to make amends to the three bears, this will include writing letters of apology, helping to make a new bed or chair and making porridge to replace the porridge eaten!

Reception had a visit from animal antics to support our current project, ' who will we meet in the woods?' In doing so we met lots of woodland animals, including: Bubble and Squeak the mice, Bracken the owl, Mrs Tiddywinkle the hedgehog, Twinkle the tarantula and Jennifer the corn snake!